RSVP for WikiLeaks, Assange, democracy panel

April 4, 2012



UPDATE: A tweet announces that WikiLeaks Australian Citizens Alliance will live-stream this event. On April 19, presenters Christine Assange (mother of Julian), Senator Scott Ludlam, and journalist Bernard Keane will join lawyers Lizzie O’Shea and Greg Barnes in a panel discussion on WikiLeaks, “freedom of speech (and the press), whistleblower protection, government transparency and raise […]

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Christine Assange to speak Apr.4: Newcastle (AU)

April 3, 2012



For WikiLeaks and Assange supporters in Australia, this spotted today via Twitter:

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Beat the WikiLeaks blockade with $5 this April 5

April 2, 2012



For more than a year, WikiLeaks has been subject to an extrajudicial financial blockade by companies including Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Western Union, and Bank of America. This informal blacklisting of WikiLeaks has substantially cut off the organization’s sources of funding, and has severely hindered its operations. But now you can help! On April 5, join […]

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Part 2 of BBC’s WikiLeaks special – on YouTube

March 31, 2012



Now on YouTube: Part 2 of “WikiLeaks: The Secret Life of a Superpower”:  

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Introducing weekly WikiLeaks poster series

March 28, 2012



Introducing a new WikiLeaks poster series, Somerset Bean has announced plans to tweet a new poster with a new fact every week. Here’s the first poster in the series:

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Part 2 of BBC’s WikiLeaks program: 2nite!

March 28, 2012



Part 2 of the 2-part BBC series “WikiLeaks: The Secret Life of a Superpower” airs tonight on BBC2: “In the second of two programmes about American diplomacy and the leaked US embassy cables, Richard Bilton examines what the cables reveal about how America handles its enemies and rivals.”

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BBC’s WikiLeaks special now on YouTube

March 22, 2012



Many thanks to m_cetera, who has uploaded Part I of the BBC’s 2-part special “WikiLeaks: The Secret Life of a Superpower” to YouTube:

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