Assange re-confirms Australian Senate run

Posted on January 30, 2013


Today Julian Assange re-confirmed his intention to run for the Australian Senate in the 2013 federal election, to be held on September 14.

Last year Assange announced his candidacy and the formation of a WikiLeaks political party.

Borm in Queensland, Australia, the WikiLeaks editor-in-chief has yet to make public his decision as to which state he has selected for his Senate run. Nor is it certain whether he will be able to actually take a seat in the government if elected, as he is currently still a political refugee within Ecuador’s embassy in London.

Assange’s campaign platform includes advocacy for personal privacy and the “right of citizens… to live their lives free from state interference.”

In the video clip below, recorded during Assange’s recent speech (via videolink) at Oxford University, the Senate candidate responds to a question regarding his asylum conundrum:


More on Julian Assange’s Senate run at WL Central.

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