RSVP for WikiLeaks, Assange, democracy panel

Posted on April 4, 2012


UPDATE: A tweet announces that WikiLeaks Australian Citizens Alliance will live-stream this event.

On April 19, presenters Christine Assange (mother of Julian), Senator Scott Ludlam, and journalist Bernard Keane will join lawyers Lizzie O’Shea and Greg Barnes in a panel discussion on WikiLeaks, “freedom of speech (and the press), whistleblower protection, government transparency and raise fundamental questions about the underlying tenets of our democracy and civil rights.”

The announcement for the Melbourne event continues:

“After almost 500 days under house arrest, Julian Assange is about to discover whether the UK Supreme Court will allow his extradition to Sweden. Join us for a discussion about the facts of the case – and the role of media and government. Just some of the issues explored will be the responsibilities of the Australian Government and what the war on WikiLeaks represents.

“Julian’s mother, Christine Assange, says, ‘When it comes to silencing WikiLeaks and its editor-in-chief Julian Assange, it’s not conspiracy theory, it’s conspiracy fact.’”

This free event, organized in part by the WikiLeaks Australian Citizens Alliance, requires advance booking.

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