Stratfor: Australia “offered” to extradite Assange

Posted on March 1, 2012


Emails recently published by WikiLeaks illustrate the Stratfor corporation’s near-pathological obsession with destroying WikiLeaks and Julian Assange. Now some of these emails, if accurate, are revealing incriminating information about the Australian government’s possible involvement in the U.S. push to extradite Assange. In a December, 2010 intraoffice email, Stratfor employee Bayless Parsley purportedly wrote:

“Basic fact is that any move to arrest the guy (assuming they get an indictment for him) would require that a friendly government do it and then extradite him. Nick Miller told me the Australians have already offered to do this, as Assange is an Australian citizen, and Australia is the Canada of the southern hemisphere when it comes to its relations with the US.” [emphasis added]

The entire December 1, 2010 email thread is fascinating.

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