Read about Julian’s journeys through Russia

Posted on January 20, 2012


In a new Russian Pioneer article called “Washington vs. Mankind” (here’s a link to the English translation), Assange speaks vividly of his memorable travels through ’90s post-Communist Russia. As with most Google translations, the language is at times surreally poetic. For instance:

“We agreed that instead of money they will invite me to Russia, Russian delicacies will feed and water the best Russian vodka. I arrived and was traveling for pleasure, enjoying the hospitality at the expense of unpaid bills. I remember in Peter cut off the hot water, as I was told to supply nuclear power plants. People with whom I stayed, smelled stronger – it was impossible to wash. In the end I went for the Trans-Siberian Railway in Siberia. In my train was full of Chinese, they were carrying contraband puppies in Manchuria.”

Nevertheless, it’s a charming and worthwhile read. And even  the opaque translation ably communicates Assange’s yearning for freedom that pervades this passage:

“But that’s exactly right now, if I fall short respite at liberty, I know what I want. In my real life, no place for spontaneity, and if I’ll be free, luxury home will be getting rid of the hated strap and the ability to do what I want – if I want it, spontaneously, without planning anything in advance, as it pleases.”

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