Must-read: Assange Extradition Fact Sheet

Posted on January 12, 2012


A supporter has posted an informative document, “Assange Extradition Fact Sheet,” which dispels some prevailing myths about the Australian by presenting important and overlooked facts in the case against him, including the following:

“2)  Julian Assange did not flee Sweden to avoid questioning.He was given permission to leave the country on the 15th September 2010, after remaining 5 weeks in Sweden for the purpose of answering the allegations made against him.

[Source: Undue delay for Julian Assange’s interrogation] …

5)  A condom submitted as evidence by complainant AA, who claimed it had been deliberately torn by Julian Assange during sexual intercourse, contains no chromosomal DNA from either the complainant or Julian. [Source: Overlooked evidence in the Assange trial] …

6)  Text messages exchanged between complainants and their friends contradict the factual allegations in the European Arrest Warrant (EAW) issued for Julian Assange and cast doubt on the allegations.

[Source: Brief to Canberra Meeting of MPs] …

7)  After the date of the alleged sexual misconduct: a) Complainant AA created then deleted evidence (tweets) indicating she was enjoying Julian Assange’s company; b) AA went as far as suggesting one of her friends (Witness C) should be intimate with Julian as well.

[Sources: AA: The Twitter Trail and Police Statement of Witness C]” [emphasis added]

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