Help nominate Julian for the Nobel Peace Prize!

Posted on January 7, 2012


Supporters are writing in to the blog Assange for Nobel, in an effort to help Julian Assange receive a nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize. You can join in! Please submit a statement to Your statement will be published along with posts like this one:

“‘Recognizing Julian’: A statement about the technological path and political contributions of Julian Assange:

Like so many of the greatest throughout history, Julian Assange has trodden a unique path in life.

I first had the opportunity to meet him more than a decade ago in Sydney, 1997. Even at that time, he had already had established intellectual renown within the computer security community. Despite the obvious and lucrative commercial applications of his skills, Julian chose to spend time and energy facilitating access to resources for the less fortunate by running public access computer systems for the wider community and working on cryptographic systems for the protection of human rights – underpaid, under-appreciated, and clearly selfless activities. …”

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