Details on Liberte-info’s 2-day London protest

Posted on January 7, 2012


In a recent blog post, Liberte-info asks: “Have you planned your trip to London to show Assange (and the Supreme Court judges) your support to Wikileaks?” The bloggers continue with some helpful advice on attending their upcoming protests in support of Assange, during his upcoming extradition hearings in London:

“Here are info and tips for your trip:

    • Date and time: February 1 & 2 2012, most likely starting from 9:00 a.m. (although supporters and journalists will start gathering before that),
    • Venue: UK Supreme Court, Parliament Square, London. Closest Underground station is Westminster (it’s on Circle, District, and Jubilee lines).
  • Where to stay: if you’re on a small budget you can try an international youth hostel, or couch surfing,
  • What to bring: apart from your usual travel things, you can take t-shirts, masks, flags, posters, banners, flyers… that clearly show why you’re there (you can still place an order on the Wikileaks shop), and while you’re at it raise passers’ awareness on Assange’s case, without being invasive of course. Note that big objects (like flags on a stick) might not be accepted in the court, so have a plan to safely leave them outside. Bring also food (like snacks) and drinks (avoid alcohol though), the hearing will last two full days,
  • If you’d like to document the event with a camcorder you should note that you’ll be able only to shoot outside the court room: it’s prohibited to take pictures or film inside,
  • If you have more tips please share them with everyone (on Twitter, or e-mail us we’ll publish them).

Street support is of tremendous importance in politically motivated cases; it may be one of the few effective levers to avoid Assange be extradited to Sweden and then the US. Be there in large numbers!”

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