A WikiLeaks party and Assange for Senate

Posted on January 2, 2012


Recent online chatter indicates a growing push for WikiLeaks leader Julian Assange to run for Senate, viz:

The latest voice to enter the fray, today human rights lawyer Peter Kemp made his case that Julian Assange could run for the Australian Senate while under house arrest and that a “WikiLeaks” political party “could well contest the HoR [House of Representatives] and take advantage of these ‘unusual’ times.” Kemp opines:

“A ‘Wikileaks Party’ makes great sense. It is an eminently logical extension of Julian Assange’s question – having other members in a formal party contesting (and winning) State and Federal elections in all houses. It is not only feasible but likely given the support levels in Australia. It will bring the ‘battle’ right inside the ‘Houses’ where government policy has effectively said: Leave Julian Assange to His Fate in Sweden and/or the USA.)”

After pointing out that Nelson Mandela was elected President of South Africa after nearly 30 years of imprisonment, Kemp muses:

“I anticipate seismic shifts, interesting and amusing scenarios/battles if Julian Assange is elected. Day one for example: ‘No, you not are allowed to connect a Tor relay server to the Parliamentary internet system. ASIO would have a collective heart attack.'”

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