Atari Teenage Riot’s WikiLeaks music video

Posted on December 18, 2011


Check out Atari Teenage Riot’s new, interactive WikiLeaks music video, “Black Flags”:

Here’s more background detail from the YouTube page, which also includes information on how you can become a part of the video:

“ATARI TEENAGE RIOT is calling all musicians, artists, music fans and basically EVERYONE who cares about FREE SPEECH to SUPPORT WIKILEAKS!
“WikiLeaks is under attack by the big financial services companies , but there are still ways you can beat them.
As a result of exposing U.S. embassies from around the world, five major US financial institutions, VISA, MasterCard, PayPal, Western Union and the Bank of America, have tried to economically strangle WikiLeaks The attack has blocked over 95% of our donations, costing tens of millions of dollars in lost revenue. The attack is entirely political. In fact, in the only formal review to occur, the US Treasury found that there were no lawful grounds to add WikiLeaks to financial blockade .
Your donations are vital to pay for our fight against this and other kinds of censorship, for Wikileaks’ projects, staff, servers and protective infrastructure. We are entirely supported by the general public.”
Atari Teenage Riot – “Black Flags” feat. Boots Riley/ Anonymous (Edit3!)
All footage was supplied by fans and friends of Atari Teenage Riot and Anonymous
Atari Teenage Riot wants YOU to be in their viral video for “Black Flags.”
If you want to be in the video and show that you support the ideals mentioned above, please send us the following footage:
· Take your mobile phone, webcam or any other camera and film yourself lip-synching the song
· Have a black flag in the background, or hold it while you’re lip-syncing. (The black flag motif will link all images together. If you don’t have one to hand, use a black T-shirt, pull it inside out, stick the arms into it…there you go.)
· You can choose any location for it. If you want to do it at home, great. If you know a crazy location, do it there. (In front of your school or university? At a shopping mall? With your friends at a party?)
· We will use fragments of all videos, which are sent in and ultimately add all of you to the official video.
· If you want to support the idea but want to do so anonymously, you can cover your face. No problem.
for more information please go to

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