Join Julian’s new social networking site!

Posted on December 17, 2011


Julian Assange has just unveiled Friends of WikiLeaks (FOWL), a brand-new social networking site for “people from across the globe who defend WikiLeaks and promote its mission and values.” An excerpt from the site’s “Manifesto”:

“The publishing of information that exposes the interests of corrupt entities will always lead to aggressive attacks of retribution. Those who provide such information to the world or who defend the record from censorship find themselves to be the subject of vicious counter attacks. Public support protects organisations like WikiLeaks by acknowledging the moral force underlying their actions. This is where FoWL finds its purpose.

FoWL has been set up to provide support (be it material, publicity, or other forms of solidarity) to any individual, organisation or agency that finds itself in peril as a result of conveying information to the public with the purpose of achieving a more just society. This is primarily in reference to WikiLeaks and those who submit to WikiLeaks, but extends to any other collective who shares the beliefs and values of WikiLeaks and who finds itself at risk of retribution as a result of pursuing such values.”

You only need an email address in order to join, so sign up now!

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