Assange at HT Leadership Summit, India

Posted on November 27, 2011


Julian Assange is scheduled to speak at India’s Hindustan Times Leadership Summit on December 3, 2011. The HT describes Assange as “a thoughtful radical who asserts that the truth should be available to all.”

The HT continues:

“With the mainstream media having lost its way and become a willing partner of government, Assange and WikiLeaks have taken up the cause and become the premier investigative journalists of the digital age – but in a new and different way:

Working at the intersection of political, social, and technological change, Assange has pioneered a new model of journalism made possible by the Internet: the instant and broad dissemination of ‘raw’ information, making it available to others and allowing them to sift through the material, synthesizing, analyzing, and reporting.”

Assange is slated to speak about the topic of “Democracy and Wikileaks: The Trickledown Effect.”

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